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1979 E SQN Staff May 1979183 viewsBack Row: MCpl Hardy, WO Finlay, WO Baker, MCpl Bernard, MCpl George, MCpl St. Amand, Sgt Fraize, WO Smith, MCpl Fenn, Sgt Lindstrom
Middle Row: Sgt Cole, Cpl Rioux, MCpl McCurdy, MCpl Chesley, MCpl Bertrand, Sgt Sullivan, Sgt Windle, MCpl Bell, MCpl Romard, MCpl Crampton, MCpl Burgess, MCpl Howard, MCpl Magill, MCpl Monkley
Front Row: Cpl(W) Radbourne, WO Elia, WO Kenyon, MWO Daniels, Capt Bond, Capt Howe, Capt Leitch, MWO Leahy, WO Halstead, MWO Kotyluk, Cpl(W) Hennessy

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 CAT13 viewsBack Row: Cpl Ben Guevremont, MCpl Phil Colwill, MCpl Ladouceur, Cpl Kyle White, MCpl Branton, MCpl Batchelor, MCpl Hamel, MCpl McCord, MCpl Smith, MCpl Chesley, MCpl Beaudry
Front Row: Sgt Rod Ellis, MCpl Morin, MCpl McWilliams, Maj Doucet, Major Ritchie, WO Kenyon, MCpl Cook, Sgt Brian Windle

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 LO20 viewsBack Row: Holley, Chamberlain, Claude Noel, Clement
Front Row: MCpl Magill, Capt Leitch, WO Elia, Grusie

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 - SigDev31 viewsBack Row: MCpl Graham Burgess, Rick Scally, Bud Abbott, Wadden, Ryer, Trail
Front Row: Capt Leitch, Maj Doucet, MCpl Roger Romard, CTT1 Burnett, WO Les Lindstrom, Mike Wardle

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 TQ310 viewsBack Row: Ten-hove, Dale Lethbridge, Christmas, Desmarais, Hicks, Campbell, Barr, Candline, Bouchard, Berghammer, Ritchie, Laity
Front Row: McGrath, Clark, Smith, Boileau, Hauks, MCpl Bernard, Capt Bond, Farrell, MCpl Crapton, Fleming, Maj Doucet, Cymbaluk, Sgt Hamel, Dunford, Sgt Brian Windle, Wally Vanasseldonk, Smith, Kincaid, Funk, Thurlow

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 TQ514 viewsFrom Left to right: Greg Barteluk, Lachapelle, JP Roy, ??, Sylvain Robert, ??, Sgt Earl Powers, ??, Chapman, Capt Bond, Dobson, Maj Doucet, ??, ??, Andy Sanscartier, PO Rod Ellis, Brian Kain, ??, Alain Raby, St-Onge, Marc Gobeil

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7901 TQ6B11 viewsBack Row: Sgt Jim Troyanek, Sgt Shribner, Sgt Ian Little, Sgt Riply, Sgt Bob Hicks, Sgt Clarke, Sgt Green, Sgt Bernie Lee, Sgt Kelsey, Sgt Murphy
Front Row: WO McLeod, Sgt Bourdeau, WO Fouchard, Capt Howe, Maj Doucet, Capt Leitch, MWO Dick Leahy, Sgt Walsh, Sgt Shorty Goulette, Sgt Peachy

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7902 LO55 viewsLeft to Right: Cassie, Tyrrell, WO Peddie, Maj Wood, MCpl Procyshyn, Al Elliot, Reed, Beauregard

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7902 SigDev38 viewsBack Row: Sid Hardiman, Jean Guy Rioux, Kyle White, Jake Gagnon
Front Row: WO Les Lindstrom, Eric Chapman, Maj Wood, Sgt MacWilliams, MCpl Al Fenn

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7902 TQ315 viewsBack Row: Clark, Westrop, McDougall, Dale Lethbridge, Ten-Hove, Green, Maze, Evans, Simms, Horne, Grey, Feltham
Middle Row: Crook, Doyle, Button, Whalen, Price, Charles, Candeline, Schulz, Edmond, Smith, Thornhill, Primeau
Front Row: Whalen, Campbell, Halpenny, MCpl Bernard, Sgt Hal Fraize, Maj Wood, Capt Bond, PO Frank Sullivan, Dunford, Wally Vanasseldonk, Hill

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7902 TQ58 viewsRear Row: Grasley, Levesque, Head, Sharp, Brown, Boyd Carter, Boudreau, Collins, Ben Bedard, Luc Schell, Jean Allard, Loyer
Front Row: Lachapelle, Wadden, Pretty, MCpl Terry Procyshyn, Sgt Earl Powers, Maj Wood, Capt Bond, WO Dave Finlay, Himbeault, Barry Silmarie

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7903 TQ36 viewsBack Row: Westrop, Ouschan, Grey, Ferland, Couture, Plestid, Charles, Duguay, Chuck Relf, Gerry Stringovits, Edmund, Cpl Hudge, Button
Front Row: Mantha, Blais, Dallair, Hill, Moir, Baker, Crook, MCpl Dale Tellier, Maj Wood, Sgt George, MCpl Hardy, Messier, Ballard, Johnson, Charbonneau, Doucette, Laplante

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
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