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1974 E Company Staff Spring215 viewsScanned by Pat Guevremont
7401 LO20 viewsBack Row: Pat Cornect, Sargent, Dayman, Barrett, Saunders, Duffin, Fullerton
Front Row: Peebles, Capt Gregory, Maj Demone, Sgt Watton, MCpl Mossing, Gary Groves

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7401 PL323 viewsBack Row: Lameux, Nickerson, Clark, Kyle White, Robertson, Humber
Front Row: Pelletier, Capt Gregory, Major Demone, Sgt Doak, Steve Dewar, Layer

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7401 PL6A22 viewsBack Row: Chabot, Meehan, MacKenzie, Repaye, Rodney, Beausoleil, Frank Sullivan, Butt, Mousseau
Front Row: Hewitt, Brian Mont, Wayne Gibbons, MWO Yablonski, Capt Gregory, Ralph, Proulx, Lachance, Charbonneau

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7401 SigDev21 viewsBack Row: Milne, John Virag, Lee Maier, Mel(?) Springhall, Johnson
Front Row: Cpl Stark, Capt Gregory, Major Demone, MCpl Bob Hicks, Cpl Don Howard

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7401 TEBO24 viewsBack Row: MCpl DeLasalle, Pte Tendre, Cpl Joyce, Cpl Hill, MCpl Meisner
Front Row: Pte Mullins, Cpl Reid, Cpl Stark, Capt Hume, Mcpl Mullins, Cpl Rowcliffe

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7402 PL322 viewsBack Row: Wynn, Bonneville, MacMillan, MacIlroy, (Pickles) Pickering
Front Row: Tim Love, J.P. Laporte, Capt Gregory, CWO Baldwin, MacKenzie, Davis

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7402 PL6A57 viewsBack Row: Gord Kelsey, Jim Frame, Keith(?) Halcrow, Brian Windle, Ken O'Toole, Henderson, Belland, Ryan, Solomon, Harder
Front Row: Dick(?) Bell, Fletcher, Hebb, Capt Gregory, Maj Demone, Sgt Hoby Guitard, Sulley, Armstrong, Hagstrom

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7403 PL324 viewsBack Row: Larry Girton, Moe(?) Forget, Rick Grevy, Jenner, Leblanc, Winkler
Front Row: Desarweaux, MacKay, Capt Gregory, Sgt Connely, Capt Burton, Walker, Belisle

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7405 PL321 viewsLeft to Right: Ben Guevremont, Sgt MacLaren, Cote, Capt Gregory, Sorrant, Maj Demone, Grenier, MWO Nadeau, Dessureault

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7406 PL323 viewsBack Row: Claveau, Pilon, Morin, Cardinal
Front Row: Kenny, Capt Gregory, Maj Demone, Cpl Boucher, Miranda

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7407 PL318 viewsBack Row: Hiebert, MacDonald, MacKnight, Scottsaunders, Robertson, Clement, MacDonald, Mathieson
Front Row: Clark, Bauvin, Ribley, Sgt Fouchard, Capt Gregory, Maj Demone, Sgt MacLaren, Pepin, Steinkle, Drolet

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
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