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7301 PL6A26 viewsBack Row: Forget, Lefebvre, Hoby Guitard, Rystphanuk, Bernard, Hansen, Dickison, Berry, Delorey, Guthro
Front Row: Scharfe, Perrier, Campbell, Maj Demone, MWO Yablonski, Langs, Matchett

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7301 SigDev20 viewsBack Row: Bruce Cole, Marty Francis, Forbes, Morrison, Halcrow, Taylor
Front Row: Roy Marsaw, Brasier, Capt Hume, Cpl Stark, Lowry

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7302 6A23 viewsBack Row: O'Brien, Cyrene, Les Linstrom, Brasier, Sam Simard, Ellis, Orv(?) Lamley(?), Young, Stevens, MacDonald
Front Row: Merle Beach, Sgt Prevost, Al Dean, Capt Hume, MWO Yablonski, Lantz, Armstrong, Fouchard, Lemieux

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7302 PL321 viewsBack Row: Bert Olmstead, Twigger, Donny Warwick, Bernard, Conrod, Lemoyne
Front Row: MacArthur, Cpl Stark, Capt Hume, WO Montgomery, Gauthier

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7302 SigDev25 views
7303 PL322 viewsBack Row: Phair, Blow, Evans, Muise, Lorne Richardson, Gary Price
Front Row: Tracey, Thompson, Capt Brill, Maj Demone, Freeman, Gary(?) Everett

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7304 PL321 viewsBack Row: Caron, Bergeron, Savard, Marquis, Boissonneault, Drolet
Front Row: Beaudry, Morrissette, Maj Demone, CWO Baldwin, Demarbre

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7306 PL322 viewsBack Row: Read, Love, Clay Imeson, Gilbert, Decotes, Boisjoly, MacKinnon, Proulx, McIntosh
Front Row: Bernatchez, Berube, Sgt MacLaren, Maj Demone, CWO Baldwin, Mercer

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7307 PL319 viewsBack Row: Ken Draper, Summers, Vandenberg, Gourd, Joe Truchon, Berube
Front Row: Fehst, Capt Hume, Jackson, Sgt Tishart

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7308 QL354 views L to R - Chris Ingersoll, Mike Chambers (RIP), Kevin Hermiston, Dan Galley, Keith Farquarson, CWO Baldwin, Bill Dunn, Maj Demon, Steve Mercer (RIP), Sgt Ives, Roger Hay, Bill Gamble, Mike Bernard, Robbie Robinson, Rod Johnup
7309 PL320 viewsBack Row: Tremblett, White, Sheasgreen, Fountain, Hill, Lewis
Front Row: Gauthier, Bracken, Hamilton, Capt Hume, Sgt Howie Jackson, Nightingale, Masse

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7310 PL318 viewsBack Row: Spane, Kechnie, Pirie, Wayne(?) Watts, Watman, Price
Front Row: MCpl Mullins, CWO Baldwin, Maj Demone, Sgt Ezard

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
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