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1971 CFS Coverdale60 viewsBack Row: Al Laird, Mike Peachey, Harv Sampson, Bob Marion, Vern Smith, Lee Jones, Clare Andrews, Moe Burns, Howie Jackson, Jerry McLaughlin
Front Row: John Robitaille, Bob White, Dave Kemp, George McKay, Terry Whalley, Doug Cox, George Lane, Norm Paine, Jim Dawson
Missing: George Barkhouse, Gene Bradley, Clare Colp, Harold Clark, Jim Elliott, Red MacLean, Wayne Moore, Boyce Partridge, Bruce Pirt, Joe Prevost

From Terry Whalley collection
Scanned by Dave Berry
7102 - CR634 viewsSep 27 1971 - March 3 1972
Rear Row L - R: D. Walker, D. Wallace, C. I. Little, D. Brunton, J. Hicky

Centre Row L - R: H. Voight, “Dutch” De Haas, J. Boudreau, D. Baker, E. Fry

Front Row L - R: D. Huff, J. Bennett, E. Ripley, R, Walsh, M. Runions, R. Angus

Seated L - R: Dave Chester, Bill Cummings, John Yablonski

Provided by Howie Voight and Dave Berry
1971 - 6700 Course622 viewsFront: Chase, Maclean
2nd Row: Maclaren, Lee, Beare, Melnyk, Kotyluk, Weaver, Ellis
3rd Row: Deveau, Garbutt, Johnston, Johnston
4th Row: Daniels, Whitlaw, Shaw, Wadden, Lebeau

Donated by Larry Chase
1971 TQ 3?255 viewsFront row: Don’t recall but the P1 looks like it might be Terry Whalley

Back row left to right: (L to R)

Paul Hamilton, Ken Hanlon, Jim Holland, Bob McCrea(?), Russ Davidson, Fred McCord, Unidentified, Alex Morin and Bruce Chisolm

Picture donated by Ken Hanlan

Update provided by Alex Morin
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