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7201 CR642 viewsBack Row: Jim Troyanek, Bugs Bruning, Cooper, Paul Holtby, Dash McKay
Center Row: Davidson, Dennis Dressler, Hal Fraize, Mullins, Bob Foers
Front Row: Terry(?) Ratcliffe, Eric Slade, Berube, Chuck(?) Finlay, Noiles
Seated: MWO O'Brien, Capt Melvin, Capt Demone, MWO Langdon

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
Comm Research Course 720139 viewsBack Row: Roger Tibbits, Moe(?) Shimla, Thomson, Milne, Evans
Center Row: Smits, Nixon, Dunlop, Briere, Letendre
Front Row: Kennedy, Esopenko, Verge, Soikie, Bayliss
Seated: MWO Powers, CWO Cummings, Sgt Simmons

Possibly the last course that graduated from Glo.

Donated by Bob Thomson
7202 CR3 23 Aug 197230 viewsBack Row: Roger(?) Lajoie, Simpson-Scott, Walker, Giradin, Pettipas, Boudreau
Front Row: Sgt Ezard, CWO Cummings, MWO Langdon

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7203 PL326 viewsBack Row: Phillips, Chuck Pudsey, Barton, Bellefuille, Smith, Peddie, Milne
Center Row: Talbot, Braithwaite, Anstey, Murray, Mike Pilon
Front Row: CWO Cummings, Lt Gauthier, MCpl Brunton

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7204 PL3226 viewsBack Row: Procyshyn, Neale, Larry Lambourne, Lee Maier, McLaughlin, Martyniuk, John Virag
Fron Row: Allain, Brian Kebic, MWO Stewart, Maj Hillaby, MWO Martin, Donnachie

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7205 PL3 23 Jan 197326 viewsBack Row: Grenier, Jean, Blais, Mercier, Delinas, Savard
Fron Row: Perreault, Cloutier, MWO Powers, Capt Demone, MWO Stewart, Mallet, Pepin

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7206 PL3 31 Jan 197330 viewsBack Row: Clow, Branton, Fredlund, West, Ratte, Dutra
Front Row: Evans, MWO Stewart, Maj Hillaby, MWO Martin, Parenteau

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7208 PL3 8 Mar 197328 viewsBack Row: Hightower, Al Fenn, Burbridge, Simair, Grandmaison, Jean Guy Rioux, Tremblay
Front Row: Al(?) Vickers, Walkling, MWO Stewart, Capt Hume, MWO Martin, Adams

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7211 PL3 (F)25 viewsBack Row: Racine, Fortin, Lessard, Messier
Fron Row: Richard, Maj Demone, LCol Strong, MWO Powers

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7212 TQ326 viewsBack Row: Alexander, Chaisson, Igor Parsons, Doug Banks
Middle Row: Dicken, Elliot, Reed, Hogue, Wilson, Holmes, Summers
Front Row: Colbert, Al(?) Dobson, Maj Demone, Col Fitzgerald, MWO Martin, Spears, Murphy

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7214 PL3 1 May 197328 viewsBack Row: Lamont, Henebury, Bob Chomcey, Furber, Pete Winters, Fox
Front Row: Bonwick, Lou Kabesh, MWO Stewart, Maj Hillaby, MWO Martin, Scott, Mike Takahashi

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7215 PL3 10 May 197326 viewsBack Row: Sampson, Rick Beetham, Sutherland, Kerr, Bob Holley, Pascoe
Front Row: St Pierre, MWO Stewart, Capt Hume, MWO Martin, Chris Vanbreda

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
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