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Discovering our Hewison, Pelton, Baszczak and Vennard Ancestors

Northampton, Hampshire, MA


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 42.3250896, Longitude: -72.6412013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARK, Calvin Jr.  Abt 1807Northampton, Hampshire, MA I6697 My Genealogy 
2 HUNT, Catherine E.  12 May 1801Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4141 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON, Ann Eliza  8 Mar 1821Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4131 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1822Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4144 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON, Celia Adaline  8 Aug 1827Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4133 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON, Chauncey F.  1818Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4142 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON, David Jr.  Abt 1785Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2128 My Genealogy 
8 PELTON, Edward Wentworth  6 Jun 1823Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4132 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Elsie A.  29 Aug 1825Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4146 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, Emeline Huldah  6 Oct 1818Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4130 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Hannah  14 Dec 1780Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2121 My Genealogy 
12 PELTON, Hannah Sophia  7 Nov 1839Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4150 My Genealogy 
13 PELTON, Huldah  Abt 1783Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2122 My Genealogy 
14 PELTON, James  Abt 1798Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2131 My Genealogy 
15 PELTON, Josiah P.  7 Jan 1837Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4149 My Genealogy 
16 PELTON, Lorenzo  Abt 1812Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4140 My Genealogy 
17 PELTON, Marchant  Aug 1796Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2129 My Genealogy 
18 PELTON, Maria  10 Sep 1832Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4147 My Genealogy 
19 PELTON, Martha Olivia  5 Apr 1831Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4134 My Genealogy 
20 PELTON, Mary  14 Jan 1832Northampton, Hampshire, MA I6711 My Genealogy 
21 PELTON, Orpha S.  22 Feb 1809Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4116 My Genealogy 
22 PELTON, Osborn  Abt 1810Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4138 My Genealogy 
23 PELTON, Rosina  Abt 1805Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4108 My Genealogy 
24 PELTON, Sophia  Abt 1797Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2130 My Genealogy 
25 PELTON, Tracy  1779Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2120 My Genealogy 
26 PELTON, William A.  13 May 1834Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4148 My Genealogy 
27 PELTON, William Randall  21 Jul 1833Northampton, Hampshire, MA I6722 My Genealogy 
28 SLACK, William  Abt 1776Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4104 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 PELTON, Ann Eliza  11 Jun 1853Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4131 My Genealogy 
2 PELTON, Celia Adaline  26 Sep 1857Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4133 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON, Chauncey F.  1820Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4142 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Edward Wentworth  6 Jul 1847Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4132 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON, Eliza Ann  1816Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4118 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON, Elizabeth Tracy  11 Oct 1869Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2124 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON, Emeline Huldah  17 Jan 1847Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4130 My Genealogy 
8 PELTON, Enos  27 Aug 1856Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2125 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Marchant  6 Sep 1846Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2129 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, Orpha S.  1 Sep 1840Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4116 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Pricilla  Jan 1838Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2119 My Genealogy 
12 PELTON, Tracy  20 Jul 1834Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2120 My Genealogy 
13 ROGERS, Elisha  1816Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4119 My Genealogy 
14 STERLING, David  28 Dec 1834Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4103 My Genealogy 
15 STOCKWELL, William  Sep 1869Northampton, Hampshire, MA I4120 My Genealogy 
16 TRACY, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1830Northampton, Hampshire, MA I2117 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 PELTON, Arthur Ellsworth  1939Northampton, Hampshire, MA I6670 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLARK / PELTON  10 Dec 1801Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1058 My Genealogy 
2 CLARK / PELTON  1 Oct 1827Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1898 My Genealogy 
3 CLARK / PELTON  29 Nov 1840Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1900 My Genealogy 
4 KENNEDY / PELTON  6 Aug 1858Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1903 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON / HUNT  1817Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1064 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON / WARNER  3 Oct 1815Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1062 My Genealogy 
7 SLACK / PELTON  20 Dec 1813Northampton, Hampshire, MA F1056 My Genealogy