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He was a Student. Educated and studied to be a Baptist Medical Doctor Missionary, but did not go to the foreign field. 
PELTON, Byron H. (I7104)
2 (Galmanho),York, England BIORNSSON, Earl Siward (I20044)
3 (Medical):alcoholic ROSS, (Jim) Alexander James Mcintyre (I22649)
4 (Research):Information provided by Linda Cook Cain Kline BURRELL, Florence E. (I24608)
5 (Research):Information provided by Linda Cook Cain Kline GEIGER, Ray O. (I24609)
6 (Research):Information provided by Linda Cook Cain Kline PELTON, Eugene Arthur (I5226)
7 (Research):Information provided by Linda Cook Cain Kline PELTON, Terry Dean (I8179)
8 , , Illinois FLEET, Russell (I23778)
9 , , Illinois FLEET, Hale (I23779)
10 , , Minnesota FLEET, Elmer (I23780)
11 , , Minnesota FLEET, Harvey (I23781)
12 ,,Texas PELTON, William Marion (I3567)
13 ,,Texas KENNEDY, Sarah Emily (I5924)
14 HARCUS, Stewart (I15760)
15 NOECKER, Oliver (I15867)
16 1 Wellroad Place, Cathcart, Renfrew, Scotland VENNARD, Thomas (I15498)
17 14th Tx Cavalry (Civil War) BLOODWORTH, Daniel S. (I23109)
18 1880 census states he was born in IL PELTON, Herman Stoddard (I6607)
19 1880 census states she was born in IL

She was a School Teacher, 1961 Benton, IN. 
PELTON, Mary Hannah (I6608)
20 1880 census states she was born in NY.
1880 census lists Mother as Mary DORASID and sister as DORASID 
DURAND, Lizzie M. (I6606)
21 23 Merryland Street, Govan, Glasgow VENNARD, Francis (Frank) (I15503)
22 28 Carfen Street, Govanhill VENNARD, Mary Ann (I15501)
23 4th Ward, Wyandotte, Wyandotte, KS PELTON, Hiram Shaw (I5557)
24 4th Ward, Wyandotte, Wyandotte, KS MAGGIE (I8361)
25 6 Oswald Street, Glasgow VENNARD, Jane Hutchinson (I15500)
26 8th Ward, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky PELTON, Lorenzo (I1366)
27 8th Ward, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky ASHCOME, Mary (I2635)
28 9 Pitt St, Glasgow Family: Thomas VENNARD / Jane Bryson BURBRIDGE (F5377)
29  Family: William Marion PELTON / Sarah Emily KENNEDY (F1667)
30  FLEET, Charles (I16313)
31  THORN, Rebecca (I16314)
32 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Charles (I16313)
33 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota THORN, Rebecca (I16314)
34 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Russell (I23778)
35 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Hale (I23779)
36 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Elmer (I23780)
37 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Harvey (I23781)
38 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Alty (I23782)
39 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Merton (I23783)
40 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Jodson (I23784)
41 Acoma, Mcleod, Minnesota FLEET, Ida (I23785)
42 Adopted. In 1860 Census listed as Deloss ACKERMAN PELTON, Deloss (I23121)
43 Age 58 leaving a widow and son. according to monument in St Magnus Churchyard. HEWISON, William (I20699)
44 Age 65 according to Monument in St Magnus Cathedral cemetary HEWISON, Benjamin (I15707)
45 Age 81 at death according to monument in St Magnus Churchyard FOULIS, Margaret (I15708)
46 Aitken, Minnesota USA KLINGELHOFER, Mary Fredericka (I23433)
47 Aitken, Minnesota USA Family: Frederick KLINGELHOFER / Glenna Leola GRINDLE (F7137)
48 Aitkin, Minnesota KLINGELHOFER, Nola Glennice (I23434)
49 AL KENNEDY, Sarah Emily (I5924)
50 Alaiedon, Ingham, MI PELTON, Mary W. (I1453)

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