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Discovering our Hewison, Pelton, Baszczak and Vennard Ancestors

Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 44.9777530, Longitude: -93.2650108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 PELTON, Alice Rose  1 Dec 1905Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I9699 My Genealogy 
2 PELTON, Florence Jane  7 Jan 1908Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I9700 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON, Henry George  20 Mar 1910Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I9701 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Theodore Wyman  14 Jul 1903Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I10878 My Genealogy 
5 SIRON, Jeanette  Oct 1924Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I11058 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BROCKMAN, Minnie T.  31 Oct 1950Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8195 My Genealogy 
2 DWIGHT, Edward Champion  28 Apr 1869Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I2770 My Genealogy 
3 KELLAHER, Francis Martin  1957Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I12394 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Albert Enos  30 Jul 1944Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5240 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON, Byron Randall  2 Oct 1913Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5652 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON, Dr. Jonathan Gates  27 Apr 1906Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I3281 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON, Ella Rebecca  16 Jan 1943Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5657 My Genealogy 
8 PELTON, Harry A.  11 Dec 1945Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8017 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Hazel Mae  16 Feb 1989Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8052 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, John George  1 Jan 1955Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8406 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Maria Sophia  1970Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8416 My Genealogy 
12 PELTON, Mary Helen  10 Nov 1924Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5653 My Genealogy 
13 PELTON, Pearl A.  29 Nov 1963Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8197 My Genealogy 
14 RANDALL, Pauline E.  26 Dec 1898Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5651 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 PELTON, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1950Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I5654 My Genealogy 
2 PELTON, Theodore Wyman  Feb 1992Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I10878 My Genealogy 
3 SIRON, Jeanette  Oct 1966Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I11058 My Genealogy 
4 SWEET, George  Abt 1950Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I8411 My Genealogy 
5 WYMAN, Annie Maude  Jan 1957Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN I10877 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 PELTON / WYMAN  6 Aug 1902Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN F3281 My Genealogy