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Kirkwall Parish, Orkney


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 58.9846740, Longitude: -2.9622491


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 HEWISON, Sarah Ann  1844Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I20847 My Genealogy 
52 HEWISON, Thomas Hepburn  1860Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I20997 My Genealogy 
53 HEWISON, William  6 Nov 1796Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I20724 My Genealogy 
54 HEWISON, William  5 Jul 1846Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I20848 My Genealogy 
55 HOWISONE, Barbara  24 May 1675Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23898 My Genealogy 
56 HOWISONE, Elspet  2 Dec 1683Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23902 My Genealogy 
57 HOWISONE, Hercules  14 Jan 1675Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23959 My Genealogy 
58 HOWISONE, Isabel  22 Apr 1677Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23899 My Genealogy 
59 HOWISONE, James  22 Oct 1673Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23897 My Genealogy 
60 HOWISONE, James  27 Mar 1678Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23961 My Genealogy 
61 HOWISONE, John  4 Dec 1681Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23964 My Genealogy 
62 HOWISONE, Margret  14 Nov 1671Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I21659 My Genealogy 
63 HOWISONE, Marion  26 Dec 1668Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23957 My Genealogy 
64 HOWISONE, Marion  29 Apr 1679Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23900 My Genealogy 
65 HOWISONE, Robert  2 Jun 1676Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I23960 My Genealogy 
66 PEACE, Mary  21 May 1782Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24140 My Genealogy 
67 SANDERSON, Barbara  30 Jul 1743Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24206 My Genealogy 
68 SANDERSON, David  27 Dec 1749Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24209 My Genealogy 
69 SANDERSON, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1748Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24208 My Genealogy 
70 SANDERSON, John  24 Jun 1746Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24207 My Genealogy 
71 SANDERSON, Marion  27 Aug 1752Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24210 My Genealogy 
72 SANDERSON, Marion  24 Jun 1755Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24211 My Genealogy 
73 SANDERSON, Marion  10 Oct 1758Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24205 My Genealogy 
74 SCOTT, Isabel Hewison  5 May 1805Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24150 My Genealogy 
75 SCOTT, James  15 Oct 1807Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24151 My Genealogy 
76 SCOTT, Robert  22 Dec 1810Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24152 My Genealogy 
77 SMITH, Jacobina  19 May 1747Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24197 My Genealogy 
78 SMITH, John  19 Aug 1748Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24198 My Genealogy 
79 SMITH, Margaret  10 Feb 1754Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24199 My Genealogy 
80 SMITH, Margaret  9 Aug 1759Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24202 My Genealogy 
81 SMITH, Robina  7 Apr 1762Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24200 My Genealogy 
82 SMITH, William  20 May 1745Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24196 My Genealogy 
83 STEINSON, Ann  20 Aug 1709Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24159 My Genealogy 
84 STEINSON, Janet  11 Apr 1708Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24158 My Genealogy 
85 STEINSON, Jean  10 May 1711Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24157 My Genealogy 
86 STEINSON, William  21 Aug 1715Kirkwall Parish, Orkney I24156 My Genealogy 

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