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Discovering our Hewison, Pelton, Baszczak and Vennard Ancestors

Boston, Suffolk, MA


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 42.3600825, Longitude: -71.0588801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HATFIELD, Charles E.  Abt 1858Boston, Suffolk, MA I5076 My Genealogy 
2 KIMBALL, Charles  10 Dec 1878Boston, Suffolk, MA I23763 My Genealogy 
3 KIMBALL, Ella Carrie  5 Nov 1890Boston, Suffolk, MA I23767 My Genealogy 
4 KIMBALL, Lucy Rowell  13 Jul 1875Boston, Suffolk, MA I23761 My Genealogy 
5 KIMBALL, Mary E.  14 Jul 1877Boston, Suffolk, MA I23762 My Genealogy 
6 KIMBALL, Ruth Pelton  17 Mar 1894Boston, Suffolk, MA I23768 My Genealogy 
7 KIMBALL, Sarah Alice  11 May 1883Boston, Suffolk, MA I23765 My Genealogy 
8 OSGOOD, Jennie Mabel  20 Feb 1878Boston, Suffolk, MA I11494 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Agnes Eliza  2 Nov 1873Boston, Suffolk, MA I9291 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, Edward Richmond  25 Jan 1840Boston, Suffolk, MA I817 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Eva  4 Oct 1853Boston, Suffolk, MA I6460 My Genealogy 
12 PELTON, Flora A.  13 Jul 1858Boston, Suffolk, MA I6462 My Genealogy 
13 PELTON, Florence Elizabeth  27 Sep 1867Boston, Suffolk, MA I9288 My Genealogy 
14 PELTON, Frank Albert  23 Aug 1855Boston, Suffolk, MA I6461 My Genealogy 
15 PELTON, James Thomas  29 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk, MA I9290 My Genealogy 
16 PELTON, Julius Jr.  11 Jun 1863Boston, Suffolk, MA I6836 My Genealogy 
17 PELTON, Lewis A.  14 May 1860Boston, Suffolk, MA I6463 My Genealogy 
18 PELTON, Mary Anna  5 Jul 1869Boston, Suffolk, MA I9289 My Genealogy 
19 PELTON, Steven White  14 May 1943Boston, Suffolk, MA I3933 My Genealogy 
20 SEASTROM, Robert  6 Dec 1936Boston, Suffolk, MA I22805 My Genealogy 
21 SISSON, Mary A.  Abt 1850Boston, Suffolk, MA I9287 My Genealogy 
22 WOODS, Millard Buddy  Abt 1958Boston, Suffolk, MA I22803 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 KATHERINE  17 Jul 1710Boston, Suffolk, MA I24547 My Genealogy 
2 KIMBALL, Charles Henry  3 Jul 1915Boston, Suffolk, MA I23760 My Genealogy 
3 KIMBALL, Frank Seymour  10 Aug 1887Boston, Suffolk, MA I23766 My Genealogy 
4 KIMBALL, Minnie Frances  4 Feb 1883Boston, Suffolk, MA I23764 My Genealogy 
5 LOUNDSBURY, Abigail  5 May 1856Boston, Suffolk, MA I6414 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON, Bernice Francis  11 May 1975Boston, Suffolk, MA I11534 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON, Courtland Gilman  14 Jun 1999Boston, Suffolk, MA I22777 My Genealogy 
8 PELTON, Henry  13 Mar 1853Boston, Suffolk, MA I3978 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Joel Whipple  26 Dec 1857Boston, Suffolk, MA I4243 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, Mary Anna  6 Jul 1869Boston, Suffolk, MA I9289 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Thomas  20 Feb 1886Boston, Suffolk, MA I3994 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 HATFIELD / PELTON  8 Oct 1885Boston, Suffolk, MA F1353 My Genealogy 
2 OSGOOD / PELTON  13 Sep 1876Boston, Suffolk, MA F3489 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON / HARRINGTON  21 Nov 1844Boston, Suffolk, MA F730 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON / MCGEORGE  16 Dec 1852Boston, Suffolk, MA F1841 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON / SISSON  5 May 1867Boston, Suffolk, MA F2740 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON / WAY  Abt 1643Boston, Suffolk, MA F66 My Genealogy 
7 PINKHAM / PELTON  31 Dec 1882Boston, Suffolk, MA F3491 My Genealogy 
8 READ / MOORE  18 Jul 1894Boston, Suffolk, MA F2226 My Genealogy