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Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can


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Latitude: 43.2101343, Longitude: -80.6965664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GREEN, Bertal  8 Feb 1867Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7113
2 ISBISTER, Agnes Ellen  22 Jan 1876Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9574
3 PELTON, Arthur Edward  7 Aug 1870Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7090
4 PELTON, Charles Moore  13 Mar 1902Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9492
5 PELTON, Dora May  29 Oct 1872Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7092
6 PELTON, Francis Eliza  17 Aug 1860Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7086
7 PELTON, Francis Nelson  28 May 1862Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7087
8 PELTON, George Allan  28 May 1864Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7088
9 PELTON, Grace Elizabeth  7 Mar 1909Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9577
10 PELTON, Hattie Phoebe  1 Jul 1901Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9486
11 PELTON, John M.  1 Feb 1836Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4333
12 PELTON, Lemuel  2 Dec 1839Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4334
13 PELTON, Myrtle Samantha  23 Dec 1877Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7133
14 PELTON, Percy Allan  19 Nov 1887Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9483
15 PELTON, Ralph Seger  19 Jan 1867Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7089
16 PELTON, Roy Reuben  17 Oct 1883Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7134
17 PELTON, Stephen Lawrence III  20 May 1841Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4335
18 PELTON, Vernon Cecil  4 Feb 1902Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9572
19 PELTON, William James  27 Jun 1912Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9578


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adelia  1862Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4323
2 BAKER, Mary Caroline  27 Jan 1901Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7081
3 GIPSON, Pamelia  4 Apr 1854Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4322
4 PELTON, Anna  12 Feb 1929Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4359
5 PELTON, Jacob Gipson  8 Dec 1900Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4328
6 PELTON, Rufus Merton  6 Nov 1941Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7131
7 PELTON, Russell  7 Apr 1971Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9570
8 PELTON, Stephen Lawrence III  28 Nov 1902Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4335
9 TOWNSEND, Margaret Ann  13 Jun 1955Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I9571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Mary Caroline  Jan 1901Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7081
2 GIPSON, Pamelia  Apr 1854Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4322
3 PELTON, Jacob Gipson  Dec 1900Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I4328
4 PELTON, Roy Reuben  Feb 1938Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can I7134


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / PELTON  11 Aug 1897Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can F2814
2 DICKSON / PELTON  22 Nov 1899Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can F2843
3 FACEY / GREEN  10 Jun 1886Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can F2824
4 PELTON / WALTON  15 Mar 1859Innerkip, Oxford, ON, Can F2002