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7301 [knotmyline2.ged]

Lucy was living with her daughter Grace and son in-law Walter Massart at t he time she was stricken with a heart ailment, She was taken to Door Coun ty Hospital where she expired. 
HENQUINET, Lucy (I23913)
7302 [knotmyline2.ged]

Named Delsaurt on immigration ship's passenger list.
General Land Office Records, Wisconsin (Price paid $.75 an acre)
ACCESS_NR: WI1600__.309
IMAGE_NAME: 00005779
VOL_ID: 043
TOTAL_ACRE: 120.0000
L_O_CODE: 08
TITLE_AUTH: 272002
SIGN_DATE: 1860/01/03
The following was copied from the history of Aische-en-Refail http://www.e
En 1855, 95 habitants d'Aische, un dixi?me de la population, ?migr?rent a ux Etats-Unis, ? Green-Bay, dans le Wisconsin. 
DELSAUX, Marie Joseph (I23933)
7303 [knotmyline2.ged]

Some people spell her name Marie Barbie Hannoie. 
HANNON, Marie Barbe (I23908)
7304 [knotmyline2.ged]

The town "Sart" means cleared earth ''essart?e''.

After many long hours of internet research, I have been unable to loca te a town called Sart-Les-Valier
Sart-Les-Vaier. There is a town Sart new Spa which has an history ba ck to the 11th century. I wonder if the name is a Walloon version of "T he Valley of Sart". 9-6-2001 RAH 
NEUVILLE, Antoine Joseph (I23936)
7305 [pjmpjm2.ged]


Noyes et al call her "Sarah Savil," but I have tentatively identified h er as she Sarah Leavitt, born between 1681 and 1685, daughter of Hezron Le avitt and Martha Taylor. She is said to have been unmarried 15 February 17 02-3 when her parents made an agreement with their son Thomas Leavitt, bo rn 8 May 1677, for care of themselves and their four daughters.[combined.g ed]

Possibly Sarah Leavitt, according to research done by Duane Barton 
LEAVITT, Sarah (I7385)
7306 [pjmpjm2.ged]

Information collected by Patrick McDonald <> 
GRINDLE, Irene (I5094)
7307 [SamuelHu.GED]

According to Mary Hunter's Bible the name is Neil Robertson Ross 
ROSS, Neil John (I22635)
7308 [SamuelHu.GED]

Known as "Unkie" to his nieces and nephews.

Graduated from the Vancouver School of Art

Spent most of his adult life in Calgary, AB. For many years until his dea th shared a house with Tom McQueen. The house was full of art and book s. They also enjoyed cooking and collected vast numbers of kitchen gadget s. Their garden included an enclosed garden pool. They had two poodles w hich they did not housetrain, apparently by choice.

Both Jim and Tom were alcoholics which undoubtedly shortened their live s. Tom once said that his doctor had told him he had to stop drinki ng or he would die of a heart attack in the next few years. He deliberate ly chose to not stop drinking saying that he wanted to enjoy his life.

One of Jim's trademarks as an interior designer was the use of cherub s. He was quite popular with his clientele and had many repeat customer s. During the '70's when country furniture was popular, Jim said th at it was a passing fad and it was a mistake to buy it as the owners wou ld tire of it rapidly and turn to more traditional styles. His own living room contained antiques and a custom-painted classic scene with collum ns on the wall. His art collection was eclectic with both classical and m odern works. 
ROSS, (Jim) Alexander James Mcintyre (I22649)
7309 [SamuelHu.GED]

Mary and her daughters moved from the farm into Kempville after her husba nd James died. 
HUNTER, Mary (I22633)
7310 [SamuelHu.GED]

Mary Hunter's bible has an incorrect date for John Hunter's death. The da te it the bible is April 14, 1917, however he was not born until Augu st 2, 1917. The date of birth is in agreement with Some Glengarry Ross' a nd Other Related Families by Douglas MacDermid which list ths date of dea th as April 14, 1918. 
ROSS, John Hunter (I22634)
7311 [SamuelHu.GED]

May not belong in this family 
HUNTER, John (I22666)
7312 [SamuelHu.GED]

Never married.
Was known to her nieces and nephews as Aunt Key.

Quoted from Alberta School of Agriculture, Golden Echoes 1913 -1963.

It is with pleasure and somewhat a feeling of nostalgia that I write a f ew words concerning my association with the Alberta Schools of Agricultur e. In 1920, Mr. Marshall opened three additional schools at Gleichen, Raym ond and Youngstown. Accordingly, Mr. Meyer the Superintendent of the Schoo ls, was looking for staff and that simmer wrote to me at my Ontario hom e, asking if I would care to apply for a Home Economics position in the De partment of Agriculture. As a result of this correspondence, I was delegat ed to Olds and arrive there in October of that year.

Little did I think on that far off day that I would be with the Schools f or thirty one years, twenty two at Olds and eleven at Claresholm; and sin ce my retirement I've been at the Vermilion School three summers.

The students arrived toward the end of October and our winter's work had b egun. When spring came, and the students had gone, we began to prepa re fo school fair work. One of the "jobs" assigned to us was the filli ng of the paper seed bags to be distributed to various schools in our pa rt of the province. Then one day we stared out on the old Ford on our safa ri armed with the said seeds, Mr. Holston's red box carrying the rope f or the knot instruction and other teaching aids. In July we had the sho rt courses at the schools and in September we were back at the fair wor k. I remember a tome when Mr. Malyon "found the spring in the fall" when s earching for water to replace the leakage from the radiator. In spite of d elays because of bad roads and all that entails we managed to have a l ot of fun through the years.

I must not leave out my work with the Women's Institute, the United Farm W omen and other organizations. I think I have visited almost every to wn in Alberta. I in turn haver learned a lot from the Alberta women, I ha ve enjoyed the Extenstion work as well as the work at the School. It has b een rich rewarding - so many friendships with such fine people, and so ma ny different and interesting experiences! I'm glad I came to Alberta.

Christine McIntyre 
MCINTYRE, (Christy) Fanny Christena (I22636)
7313 [SamuelHu.GED]

Robertson married Lucy McIntyre and lived in Cabri, Saskatchewan, lat er in Vancouver, BC, then in Calgary, Alberta. After the death of Lucy, Ro bertson moved back to Ontario where he lived with Bill McIntyre until h is death. 
ROSS, Robertson (I22648)
7314 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1880 census - Iowa - Clinton - Lyons
FHL Film: 1254334
Nat'l Archives Film: T9-0334
Page: 113C 
PELTON, Allan Mathias (I5042)
7315 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1880 census - Iowa - Clinton - Lyons (Emma was listed as a widow)
Roll: T9_334
FHFL: 1254334
Page: 124B
Image: 0249
ED: 287

1910 census - Missouri - Dent - Salem (First Ward) (Widow)
Series: T624
Roll: 779
Page: 236 
GAY, Emma Ellen (I8024)
7316 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1910 census - Missouri - Dent - Salem (First Ward)
Series: T624
Roll: 779
Page: 235 
PELTON, William M. (I22948)
7317 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1920 census - Minnesota - Ramsey - St. Paul
Roll: T625_852
Page: 3B
ED: 17
Image: 445

1930 census - Minnesota - Hennepin - Minneapolis
Roll: T626_1093
Page: 15A
ED: 120
Image: 0325 
PELTON, Lynn M. (I8020)
7318 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1920 census - Minnesota - Ramsey - St. Paul
Roll: T625_854
Page: 14A
ED: 78
Image: 125

1930 census - Minnesota - Ramsey - St. Paul (Roomer)
Roll: T626_1118
Page: 15B
ED: 78
Image: 0618 
PELTON, Harry A. (I8017)
7319 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1930 census - Iowa - Clinton - Clinton (Widow with four children living w ith James and Cora Riggs)
Roll: T626_649
Page: 20A
ED: 15
Image: 1024 
RIGGS, Ruth B. (I22996)
7320 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

1930 census - Minnesota - Hennepin - Minneapolis
Roll: T626_1089
Page: 20A
ED: 18
Image: 0661 
PELTON, Alvin E. (I8018)
7321 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Baptism: Grace Episcopal Church 08 APR 1917 Page 108

Confirmation: Grace Episcopal Church 20 FEB 1921 Page 108
Minister: W. Ernest Stockley
Bishop: Rt. Rev. T.N. Morrison 
PELTON, Anna Rodella (I22883)
7322 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Baptism: Grace Episcopal Church - Danish Lutheran 08 APR 1917 Page 108 
MADSEN, Sadie Marie (I22892)
7323 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

He was named chairman of Clinton County Iowans for State Senator Dav id M. Stanley of Muscatine, Republican candidate, announced in "The Clint on Herald", Friday, December 1, 1967.

Founder of Equity Realty Company and Clinton Title Company, both of Clinto n, Iowa.

Had his own band, the Chuck Pelton Band, where he played the saxophone a nd clarinet.

Was a member of First Presbyterian Church in Clinton, the Rotary Club, t he Western Star 100 A.F. & A.M., Scottish Rite bodies, KAABA Shrine and Cl inton Hi-12 Club.

Was active in the Republican party on the local, state and federal level a nd was appointed by Iowa Governor Robert D. Ray to the Departmant of Envir onmental Quality.

Upon graduation from college, he worked in the war effort for the governme nt on the Tennessee Valley Authority making phosphorus. 
PELTON, Charles Howdy II (I8035)
7324 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Member of Camanche Immanuel Lutheran Church
Member of VFW Auxiliary in Camanche and Maquoketa 
PETERSEN, Marilyn Lea (I22891)
7325 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Register of births record: Record of late reported births P1 D-308
Register of deaths record: Book P-3 Page 46 
PETERSON, David Randolph (I22952)
7326 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Veteran of World War II
Officer in the Glider Corps
Member of Fulton American Legion 
PETERSEN, Adolph Lee (I22889)
7327 [T[1].G. Pelton.FTW]

Was a member of Lyons Lodge, 93, A.F. & A.M. and the First Presbyterian Ch urch in Clinton, Iowa. 
LARSEN, Peter Jay (I22885)

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