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151 Brookfield Renville County, Minnesota USA GRINDLE, Arnold Charles (I21739)
152 Brookfield, Minnesota USA GRINDLE, Dighton Forest (I15517)
153 Brookfield, Rainville Co. Minn GRINDLE, Ina Belle (I16425)
154 Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, OH PELTON, Dds Leverett Francis (I15807)
155 Brooklyn, Cuyahoga, OH PELTON, Marshall Elisha (I23518)
156 Brussels, Door County, Wisconsin NEUVILLE, Marie Catherine (I23904)
157 Brussels, Door County, Wisconsin GERONDALE, Charles (I23929)
158 Buffalo, Erie, NY SEAVER, Clara Olive (I10364)
159 builder PELTON, Ithamar (I284)
160 Burnaby, British Columbia GRINDLE, Sylvia Celestine (I9233)
161 Burnaby, British Columbia GRINDLE, Sylvia Celestine (I9233)
162 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Thirza A. (I6011)
163 Burns, Alleghany, NY RAWLINGS, Elizabeth Frances (I6042)
164 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Charles Strong (I6043)
165 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Emma Flough (I6044)
166 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Watson Emerson (I6045)
167 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Lauriston C. (I3643)
168 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, Cyrus Strong (I3648)
169 Burns, Alleghany, NY PELTON, William C. (I23743)
170 Burns, Alleghany, NY JOHNSON, Sydney H. (I23744)
171 Burns, Alleghany, NY JOHNSON, Edith L. (I23745)
172 Burns, Alleghany, NY JOHNSON, D.G. (I23746)
173 businessman PELTON, David (I277)
174 Butte, Silver Bow, MT PELTON, Alvin Newell (I8332)
175 Byron Center, Kent, MI CARTER, Kathryn Edith (I11985)
176 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Aldrich G. (I23738)
177 Byron, Kent, MI COOK, Ann Eliza (I9395)
178 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Claude C. (I9396)
179 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Leroy (I9397)
180 Byron, Kent, MI QUACKENBOSS, Ann E. (I7011)
181 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Everett E. (I7016)
182 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Edwin W. (I7017)
183 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Alfred E. (I7018)
184 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Alice E. (I7019)
185 Byron, Kent, MI DENNIS, Eliza A. (I7064)
186 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Viola E. (I7065)
187 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Mabel H. (I7066)
188 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Agnes I. (I7069)
189 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Samuel (I4310)
190 Byron, Kent, MI PELTON, Alfred (I4321)
191 Cabinet Maker PELTON, Almond Franklin (I4658)
192 Cabri, SK MCINTYRE, Mary Lucy (Lou) Donalda (I22630)
193 Cabri, SK ROSS, Robertson (I22648)
194 Calgary, Alberta BJERKE, Henry Martinus (I23441)
195 came to Boston about 1630 to 1633, as his name and a description of his property appears in the "Book of Possessions," the oldest land record of Boston, made
by order of The General Court in 1634. The record
therein on page 91 runs thus : "Mr. Owen Roe his possession in the limits of Boston. One house and
garden bounded with the streete "north ; the lane west;
the Cove south ; and John Pelton east. John Pelton's possession in Boston. One house and household lot bounded with Owen Roe west ; the streete north; the Cove south ; and the marsh on the east." These lands were Lots 104 to 108, on the south side of Essex St., from Washington St., easterly. See Map F. or No. 6, page 74 where Owen Rowe, (as here spelled,) has lot 107 and John Pelton 108. Soon after, in 1635, probably, he removed to Dorchester, then a few miles out of Boston peninsula, now a part of that city, and which had been settled in the same year but a few months earlier. In 1635 or 1636, he became by grant or purchase a joint owner of the Dorchester Patent, and received his share, as also did his heirs in its many divisions. He was also one of the forty-seven owners of the " Great Lots." (See Clapp's History of Dorchester.) That he was admitted among the very select company at Dorchester, is sufficient proof that his character and religious opinions were considered correct. In Dorchester he lived by the side of the Glovers and others of the best families, as this extract from the *' Glover Memorial " shows. " On Dec. 25, 1700, Nathaniel Glover, Sen. and his wife Hannah, conveyed to their son, Nathaniel Glover, Jr., in Dorchester, several parcels of land, among them his house-lot of fifteen acres, being butted and bounded
on the Easterly end upon the Sea or Saltwater, on the Northerly side by land of widow Pelton and Joseph
Hall, on the Westerly end upon the Highway leading
to Tileston's Mills, standing upon Neponsett River,
and on the Southerly side by land of Mrs. Brick
The time and place of his marriage and the maiden name of his wife, are unknown ; we learning only
from his will that her Christian name was Susanna. They were probably married about 1643, a date that strengthens the opinion (See Introduction, p. 19) that he came to Boston when young, and received his allotment of land there as an "able youth." His occupation and history are unknown, excepting that from his will we learn that he was engaged in the fisheries, then, as now, a valuable business. He died in Dorchester, January 23, 1681. His will dated January 3, 1681, twenty days before his death, proved March 16, following, mentions his wife Susanna, his sons John, Samuel, and Robert the youngest, and his daughter Mary. His widow probably lived until May
7, 1706, and was doubtless the " Old Mother Pelton "
Boston and Dorchester, Mass. buried May 10, 1706, as given in Clapp's History of Dorchester, page 282, taken from the records of the oldest church there, and supposed as such a record was very unusual, to have been that of a very well-known person. 
PELTON, John (I253)
196 Cameron, Clinton, MO PELTON, Dock Berley (I8029)
197 Campbell River, BC, CanadaCampbell Hospital HEWISON, Elizabeth Ann (I11815)
198 CAN SEYMOUR, Myrtle Hazel (I14761)
199 Canada PELTON, James Robert (I8913)
200 Canada PHILLIPS, Hannah Maria (I5038)

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