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Bostwick, Hewison, Pelton, Vennard family photos, photos from various military stations, and 291 class photos

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Unknown 125 viewsIf you can provide a course number or year it would be appreciated.
Back: Mike Gallagher, Norie Lamorie, Taylor Gordon, Lloyd Zwicker, Bryce Eckstien, Malcom Feeley
Front Row: Halmaljamar Hansen, George Finnie, James Kempton, Roy Marsaw, Robert Collin

From Terry Whalley collection
Scanned by Dave Berry
1958 Atlantic Command Softball Champions24 viewsBack: F. Short, P. Clarke, D. Baldwin, P. Filsinger, A. Brockley, E. Grimshaw, K. Dorush
Front: A. Atkins, K. Clow, T. Webb, R. Eastman, G. Anstey, G. Mckay

Provided by Dave Berry
7901 CAT24 viewsBack Row: Cpl Ben Guevremont, MCpl Phil Colwill, MCpl Ladouceur, Cpl Kyle White, MCpl Branton, MCpl Batchelor, MCpl Hamel, MCpl McCord, MCpl Smith, MCpl Chesley, MCpl Beaudry
Front Row: Sgt Rod Ellis, MCpl Morin, MCpl McWilliams, Maj Doucet, Major Ritchie, WO Kenyon, MCpl Cook, Sgt Brian Windle

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
Boxtop Olympics certificate24 viewsFor the life of me I don't remember what sport I participated in. Likely volleyball. 1987
HMCS Cornwallis Communications School23 viewsIf you can provide a course number or year it would be appreciated.
Back Row: Ron Chafe, Ray Hines, Lusty, Stevens, Clarke, Simpson

From Terry Whalley collection
Scanned by Dave Berry
7016 CR323 viewsRear: Beardy, Spinney, Peterson, Buffam, Lowry, Bussieres, DashwoodMiddle: Duncan, Watson, Theriault, Gagnon, LaporteSeated: MWO MacLean, WO Mayville, MWO Dickens

Donated by Bob Spinney
1975 Road Race Kingston23 viewsSteve Gates, Capt Gregory, George Green, Dave Evans, Jim Humes, Ted Defeo, Hobie Guitard, Bill Bohn, Clint Briscoe, Doc Abma, Bob Gray, Larry Graff

Provided by Bill Bohn
9901 TQ6a23 views
Scanned by Pat Guevremont
LO operator course23 viewsTop Student 1985
7202 CR3 23 Aug 197222 viewsBack Row: Roger(?) Lajoie, Simpson-Scott, Walker, Giradin, Pettipas, Boudreau
Front Row: Sgt Ezard, CWO Cummings, MWO Langdon

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
7208 PL3 8 Mar 197322 viewsBack Row: Hightower, Al Fenn, Burbridge, Simair, Grandmaison, Jean Guy Rioux, Tremblay
Front Row: Al(?) Vickers, Walkling, MWO Stewart, Capt Hume, MWO Martin, Adams

Scanned by Pat Guevremont
1951 HMCS Cornwallis Comm Rsch Operators22 viewsNot all identified.
Row 1: #3 M. Kullman
Row 3: #2 A. Ashworth, #3 G. Takoff, #4 A. Switzer, #5 T. Whalley
Row 4: #11 P. Johnston
Row 5: #3 C. Atkins, #4 Bill Hillaby

Scanned by Dave Berry
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