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Unknown929 viewsTG3 course , course number unknown.
Rear: J Lockert, W Kennedy, T Montgomery, B Rushton, D Huppe, M Frost, A Deans, B Partridge.
Centre: Cousineau, A Briscoe, B Cassidy, H Jackson, J Ezard, G. Savard, A Porter, K Clow.

Donated by Brian Cassidy

From Butch Whitlaw
I don't believe this is a TG2 Course as I was on TG2 with Ruston, this might have been an EW Course.

Alan Briscoe believes this is the TG3 course in mid 1967
Unknown Class Gloucester904 viewsIf you can identify any of the people in this picture send me an email or leave a comment on the picture

Second Row: 2nd from right is Roy Mayville
Donated by Brian Cassidy
QL6A 8501~0.JPG
8501 QL6A857 viewsRear Row:

MCpl Tom Jenkins, MCpl Dean Silver, MCpl Pete Winters, MCpl Bob Schofield, MCpl Bob Spinney, MCpl Doug Short, MCpl Brian Kebic, MCpl Gary Bourgois, MCpl Bryan Mack, MCpl ??, MCpl John Walsh, MCpl Elliott

Front Row

MCpl Dan MacDonald, MCpl Brian Garon, WO "Doc" Abma, Maj Costello, Capt Norm Buist, Sgt Ralph Meisner, MCpl "Beetle" Baily, MCpl Tom Devenney

Donated by Tom Jenkins
7901 Non Morse Course821 viewsBack Row: Serge Drouin, Neil McBride, Jake Gagnon, Doug Banks, Steve Barnes, Mike Bostwick, Dan Bergeron, Al Morrison

Front Row: Denis Vallieres?, Bonkers Burgess, Capt Leech?, Dave Finlay, Don Howard, ? Leblanc
Unknown Class Gloucester800 viewsTG3 Class circa mid-60�s.

Front Row: CPO Bill Paley, LCdr Don Filewod, CPO John Westall

Middle Row: Lynn Tennant, George Barkhouse, Jim Smith, Scotty Alain, Larry Chase

Rear Row: Dave Warmington, Jim Dickens, Jerry Flynn, Ed Uhutch, Carl Archer, Bob King

Picture onated by Brian Cassidy

Names updated by Bob Lesperance
Very Last TGII Course at HMCS Gloucester 1966-67770 viewsFront Row: CPO Tom Ewen, Lt. Doug Potter, CPO Don Cameron, Ralph Kunkel;

Second row standing is Ralph, Ditchfield, Al Meehan, Andy Dumoulin, Pat Bell, Mike Kilpatrick, Carefoot;

Third row standing is another Meehan, Marsh, Thompson, Bradfoot, Chuck O'Dale;

Back row standing is Bellanger, Matchett, Gerry Chabot, Guthreau, Dave Christmas.

Donated by Charles O'Dale CD

Gloucester Class late 60's764 viewsFront Row: CWO Bill Cummings, Sgt Bob Lesperance, MWO Larry Chase.
Picture donated by Larry Chase.
Some names updated by Bob Lesperance
CFS Inuvik WO & Sgt's Mess 1968755 viewsFront: Schweig, Grimshaw, Reed, Stewart, Frost
2nd Row: Smith, Martin, Jenkinson, Garrett, Barnwall, Jennings
Centre: Mitchell, Cartwright, Atwell, Haine, Anctil, Campbell,
Iddenden, Horton, Montgomery, O'Donnell, Robinson, Anderson, McGrath,
Back Row: Smitke, Chase, Allen, Sachetti, Riley, Martin, Heath, Juhas

Donated by Larry Chase
Class RS 308 Jun 1965748 viewsBack: Ron Chafe, Bob Meikle, Dennis Poeckens, Larry Badger, Ralph Kunkel Middle: Doug Dodd, Larry Collins, Jack Park, Ed Lafountaine Front: Zack Carey, RR Wilson, Norrie Lamorie Donated by Brian Cassidy
Comm Rsch Class 6807747 viewsBack row left to right: (unknown), Larry Cardy, Rick Collis, Gord Brittain
Middle Row Left to right: Oscar Whiskeyjack, Don Forbes Pete Garton, Robert Blais
Seated: CPO1 Don Cameron, Lt Jim Woods, CPO2 Vern Veinot
Donated by Gord Brittain
Names in front row updated by Bob Lesperance
Course RS 219 1965741 viewsLeft to right:
1st Row: Ernie Grimshaw, Kipper Burke, Ray White.

2nd Row: John Flood, Al Dean, Gary White.

3rd Row: Bob McKee, Pete Fletcher. Barry Colbeck George Johnson

4th Row: Mike Peachey, Jack McLeod, Bob Foers, Dick Baker

5th Row: Jim Mundy, Brian Hartnett, Danny Wallace, Alex Dumas, Clifford Swelin.

Donated by John Flood
Unknown Class Gloucester737 viewsRear Row L � R: Bruce Miller, ?, Moe Burns, Jack Wilson
Middle Row L � R: ?, ?, ?, ?, John Reid, John McCutcheon
Front Row: CPO Bill Harkness, CmdO RA Wilson, Norm Gould

Donated by Brian Cassidy
Some names provided by Bob Lesperance
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