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Groton, New London, CT


Tree: My Genealogy

Latitude: 41.3497456, Longitude: -72.0790717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 WOODWORTH, Roswell  1 May 1763Groton, New London, CT I2089 My Genealogy 
2 STODDARD, Anna  14 Dec 1759Groton, New London, CT I2071 My Genealogy 
3 PERKINS, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1837Groton, New London, CT I6563 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Wealthy  5 May 1761Groton, New London, CT I1063 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON, Thomas Deacon  22 Jul 1717Groton, New London, CT I547 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON, Thomas Avery  29 Nov 1791Groton, New London, CT I2076 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON, Simeon  18 Sep 1753Groton, New London, CT I1059 My Genealogy 
8 PELTON, Samuel  20 Aug 1751Groton, New London, CT I1070 My Genealogy 
9 PELTON, Samuel  16 Dec 1714Groton, New London, CT I546 My Genealogy 
10 PELTON, Samantha  7 Feb 1795Groton, New London, CT I2069 My Genealogy 
11 PELTON, Rufus  22 Apr 1757Groton, New London, CT I1061 My Genealogy 
12 PELTON, Rozel  27 Feb 1787Groton, New London, CT I2074 My Genealogy 
13 PELTON, Roswell  4 Apr 1763Groton, New London, CT I2053 My Genealogy 
14 PELTON, Roswell  4 Apr 1744Groton, New London, CT I1054 My Genealogy 
15 PELTON, Robert  9 Jun 1728Groton, New London, CT I552 My Genealogy 
16 PELTON, Reuben Jr  1749Groton, New London, CT I1093 My Genealogy 
17 PELTON, Reuben  24 Jan 1726Groton, New London, CT I551 My Genealogy 
18 PELTON, Prudence  2 Aug 1744Groton, New London, CT I1066 My Genealogy 
19 PELTON, Pricilla  Abt 1764Groton, New London, CT I1098 My Genealogy 
20 PELTON, Preserved  24 Jan 1721Groton, New London, CT I549 My Genealogy 
21 PELTON, Peleg  9 Aug 1759Groton, New London, CT I1062 My Genealogy 
22 PELTON, Paul  14 May 1720Groton, New London, CT I548 My Genealogy 
23 PELTON, Nancy  Abt 1793Groton, New London, CT I2068 My Genealogy 
24 PELTON, Moses  1728Groton, New London, CT I553 My Genealogy 
25 PELTON, Lucy  13 Sep 1789Groton, New London, CT I2075 My Genealogy 
26 PELTON, Lucy  1 Oct 1747Groton, New London, CT I1068 My Genealogy 
27 PELTON, Lemuel  Abt 1780Groton, New London, CT I15848 My Genealogy 
28 PELTON, Lemuel  22 Feb 1723Groton, New London, CT I550 My Genealogy 
29 PELTON, Joseph  Mar 1759Groton, New London, CT I1095 My Genealogy 
30 PELTON, John  26 Aug 1751Groton, New London, CT I1058 My Genealogy 
31 PELTON, James P.  Abt 1762Groton, New London, CT I1097 My Genealogy 
32 PELTON, Huldah  Abt 1760Groton, New London, CT I1096 My Genealogy 
33 PELTON, Henry  5 Jan 1796Groton, New London, CT I2070 My Genealogy 
34 PELTON, Henry  7 Jul 1742Groton, New London, CT I1053 My Genealogy 
35 PELTON, Hannah  1782Groton, New London, CT I2072 My Genealogy 
36 PELTON, Hannah  6 May 1756Groton, New London, CT I1072 My Genealogy 
37 PELTON, Hannah  7 May 1746Groton, New London, CT I1055 My Genealogy 
38 PELTON, George  3 Sep 1784Groton, New London, CT I2073 My Genealogy 
39 PELTON, Eunice  15 Sep 1758Groton, New London, CT I1073 My Genealogy 
40 PELTON, Eunice  24 Nov 1745Groton, New London, CT I1067 My Genealogy 
41 PELTON, Ephraim  12 Jun 1732Groton, New London, CT I554 My Genealogy 
42 PELTON, Elkanah  14 Dec 1749Groton, New London, CT I1057 My Genealogy 
43 PELTON, Dorcas  19 Aug 1751Groton, New London, CT I1100 My Genealogy 
44 PELTON, David  Abt 1750Groton, New London, CT I1094 My Genealogy 
45 PELTON, Amos  15 Jul 1755Groton, New London, CT I1060 My Genealogy 
46 MASON, Robert  1748Groton, New London, CT I22541 My Genealogy 
47 HOLDREDGE, William Jr  Abt 1761Groton, New London, CT I2080 My Genealogy 
48 AVERY, Hannah  Abt 1717Groton, New London, CT I1052 My Genealogy 
49   1742Groton, New London, CT I2052 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 RANDALL, Capt. Jonathan  20 Nov 1747Groton, New London, CT I1074 My Genealogy 
2 PELTON, Rufus  Bef 1808Groton, New London, CT I1061 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON, Henry B.  1763Groton, New London, CT I259 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON, Henry  Bef 1808Groton, New London, CT I2070 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 PELTON, Henry B.  Abt 1763Groton, New London, CT I259 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ROSE / PELTON  15 Sep 1715Groton, New London, CT F144 My Genealogy 
2 PELTON / TRACY  4 Nov 1773Groton, New London, CT F503 My Genealogy 
3 PELTON / STODDARD  1781Groton, New London, CT F491 My Genealogy 
4 PELTON / ROSE  29 Apr 1712Groton, New London, CT F143 My Genealogy 
5 PELTON / AVERY  20 Aug 1743Groton, New London, CT F255 My Genealogy 
6 PELTON / AVERY  9 Jul 1740Groton, New London, CT F253 My Genealogy 
7 PELTON /   1762Groton, New London, CT F488 My Genealogy 
8 HOLDREDGE / PELTON  1781Groton, New London, CT F492 My Genealogy